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Personal Computers for Everyone: GeCube Competes with Asus Eee PC

Asustek Computer’s Eee PC has become really poplar despite of the fact that it lacks performance and massive amount of capabilities. It looks like there is a customer base not looking for performance and feature-set, but focused on getting themselves something that sports a limited amount of capabilities at an affordable price-point. Following Asustek, numerous other Taiwan-based makers of hardware introduced their simplistic personal computers.

Despite of expectations, large motherboard producers Elitegroup Computer Systems, Gigabyte Technologies and Microstar International did not intro their low-cost small form-factor notebooks that would compete against Eee PC at CeBIT, however, Infotec Corp., which is best known for its GeCube-branded devices, introduced two systems that may potentially be considered as competitors for Asus Eee 7” machine. Perhaps, one is even better, however, considering the fact that GeCube hardly has the right channels for distribution of such devices, the potential of such devices my not be fully utilized.

GeCube Genie 10.2" notebook

The more advanced GeCube Genie small form-factor low-cost system has 10.2” screen, Via C7-M 1GHz microprocessor, 256MB or 512MB DDR2 memory as well as 2.5” hard disk drive. Depending on customer’s desires and wishes, the computers may come with either Linux or Windows operating system. While all the technical details about the product indicate that it may easily compete against Asus Eee PC in terms of performance, the obvious problem with it is that it is too bulky for this kind of performance. Moreover, GeCube brand-name is still not as well-known as Asus, which is likely to slowdown or even exclude adoption of the device by potential customers in developed countries. However, GeCube can easily sell its Genie 10” in developing countries.

GeCube Genie 7" notebook

The less powerful small form-factor low-cost system from GeCube has 7” display, embedded Intel 300MHz processor, up to 256MB of DDR2 memory and up to 2GB of local storage. GeCube is extremely tight-lipped regarding the CPU that it uses with such system, but what it does disclose is that the machine comes with x86 microprocessor. The lower-end PC from GeCube can only run Linux operating system. While the system is definitely not bulky and is really neat, the fact that it has even lower performance compared to Asus Eee PC makes it rather unusable even for users not demanding performance. Still, in developing markets like China, India and so on the Genie 7” may easily find adopters.

Generally speaking, the fact that GeCube again tries to penetrate a new markets should be considered as a positive one for the company, however, the current products may not bring immediate success, but their followers, if there are any, should definitely pose a lot of interest.

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