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Patriot Also Demos 2GHz Memory, but With New Cooling System

At CeBIT 2008 it turned out that 2GHz memory modules are going to be available from relatively many suppliers after platforms supporting such extreme memory speeds – Intel X48 and Nvidia nForce 790i SLI – emerge on the market. Patriot Memory was yet another leading memory module supplier to show its 2GHz products at the show.

Patriot Viper 2GB 2GHz dual-channel memory kit

Patriot’s Viper-series 2GB DDR3 kit capable of running at 2000MHz will have latency settings of CL8 8-8-20, which should ensure truly high performance. Such settings were made possible only because manufacturer increase voltage setting to 2.15V. The company itself says that there should be no problems with such a considerable increase and that it does not see any extraordinary return-rate of modules which voltages were boosted dramatically.

Live demonstration of Patriot Viper 2GB 2GHz dual-channel memory kit

In addition to the new DDR3 memory modules, Patriot demonstrated active cooling system consisting of two fans for its products due to be out shortly. With active cooling Patriot’s memory modules should become even better for overclocking.

Patriot's new active cooling system for memory modules

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