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Size Matters: Asustek Shows Off New Asus Eee PC with 9” Screen

It is undisputable fact that Asustek Computer’s Asus Eee PC 701 notebook is a huge success for the company. Nevertheless, with small screen and not a lot of storage space this device was not enough for those, who would like to have a notebook for storing documents, not talking about multimedia files. Specifically for those, who demand a little more from the Eee, Asus introduced Eee PC 900-series model with larger screen.

Asus Eee PC with 8.9" screen

The new Asus Eee PC with 8.9” screen that has 1024x600 resolution features the same Intel Celeron M ULV model 353 (900MHz, factory downclocked to 630MHz) and Intel 910 core-logic with built-in graphics core as in the currently available models. But the notebook with larger screen also comes with 12GB of flash memory for storage, 1GB of DDR2 random access memory and 1.3MP webcam. All Asus Eee PC laptops feature three USB ports, audio jacks, 10/100Mbps Ethernet support, wireless WiFi (802.11b/g) interface as well as a card-reader.

Asus Eee PC 900-series with 12GB solid-state drive will cost €399 ($612) in Europe, but the price for the USA is not clear at the moment.

Asus Eee PCs with 8.9" screen

At CeBIT the manufacturer also introduced its Eee PCs with pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP operating system, something which was demanded by many end users. There is no question that Eee PC 900-series with Windows will attract a lot of attention from end-users demanding portability and low-cost. But Windows-based Eee may become a product that is hard to find after the 30th of June, 2008, when Microsoft stops selling Windows XP licenses both among manufacturers and in retail. After that date, Microsoft will either have to offer cut-down version of Windows Vista for simplistic PCs like Asus Eee, or create a special version of Windows XP for them, or just wait on the sidelines and see how manufacturers of entry-level PCs start to adopt Linux operating system.

Upgrading Asus Eee PC in the near future just in order to install Windows Vista is hardly a good option, an official from Asustek said. Nevertheless, at some point, sometime in 2009, there will be more powerful next-generation Asus Eee PC notebooks.

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