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Fast and Furious: Corsair Demos 8GB Memory Module Kit at 1600MHz

It is definitely an achievement to overclock memory modules to over 2.0GHz, but in that case the system will only get 2GB of memory, not a lot by today’s standards. Corsair Memory happens to have a solution for those who demand both speed and capacity: its latest 2GB DDR3 memory modules can work at 1600MHz and four of such modules will provide 8GB of rather extreme speed memory.

Nowadays many 64-bit operating systems, including Microsoft Windows XP x64 and Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit, can take advantage of more than 4GB of memory, which may be useful in certain professional applications and in case of usage models that includes many applications running at once. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of high-capacity memory modules capable of operating at speeds higher than 800MHz or 1066MHz.

Test system powered by four Corsair's 2GB memory modules

Corsair Memory demonstrated at CeBIT 2008 its 2GB memory modules operating at 1600MHz with CL7 timing in 8GB configuration on Asus P5E3 Premium mainboard based on Intel X48 chipset.

Currently it is unclear when the company is able to start selling its PC3-12800 (DDR3 1600MHz) memory modules commercially, nonetheless, the fact that Corsair is capable of showing them off right now means that the devices do work stably enough already.

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