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Storage of the Gods: Western Digital Reaffirms Plans for 1.22TB Hard Drives in 2008

Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives, has reaffirmed plans to release 1.22TB hard drives already this year and also said that the market of external hard disk drives (HDDs) is on the rise.

Recently announced 334GB platters for 3.5” hard drives not only open the door for the company’s ~1TB HDD, but enable Western Digital to create 1.3TB hard disk drives using four platters. Officials from WD once again said at CeBIT 2008 that the four-platter 1.22TB hard disk drive will be available in 2008, but remained tight-lipped about the exact timeframes.

What is more important for WD is that its present market share on the market of external HDDs is about 20%, or more than any other company out there. This achievement is quite impressive, considering the fact that Western Digital has never been a company who wanted to have a market share just for the sake of the market share.


At this time WD does not think that hybrid hard drives (HHDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) pose a lot of interest for it. Even though Western Digital is a close partner of SanDisk, a leading flash memory-based devices maker, it does not feel like jumping on the bandwagon of HHDs and SSDs, like some other producers of hard disk drives. Still, considering its partnership with SanDisk, WD is always ready to roll-out products featuring flash memory.

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