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Be Quiet!: And Play Loud with Revoltec!

 Be Quiet! and Revoltec brands have been around for several years now, but not a lot of end-users, apart from gamers and computer enthusiasts, know these two names. But in fact the two companies offer pretty wide array of different products.


Be Quiet! is focused on development and marketing of high-quality computer power supply units (PSUs). There are two product lineups that the company offers: Straight Power (350W – 700W) and Dark Power Pro (450W – 1000W) that are aimed at slightly different market segments.


The ultimate goal of Be Quiet! power supplies is to remain quiet even under high load. In order to achieve that, all the PSUs feature thermal monitoring and come with reduced fan speed. Even though low speed of fans may mean lower life expectancy, Be Quiet provides three-year limited warranty, which should be enough for the vast majority of customers, especially in certain European counties, where nobody has heard of lifetime warranties.


Revoltec is concentrated on delivery of various equipment for gamers and its product lineup is quite impressive: the company provides keyboards, mice, computer cases, cooling devices and even storage solutions!


At CeBIT 2008 Revoltec demonstrated many members of its product family, all of which featured something rarely available on competing devices. For example, Revoltec Fightboard keyboard comes with special keys that can replace conventional W, A, S, D, Q, E keys; precision of Revoltec Fightmouse can be adjusted in real time, whereas the firm’s Fightpad allows very fast access to the most important game control elements.


To put a long story short, Be Quiet! and Revoltec tend to offer one-stop source for all the needs of a gamer.

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