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Little More: Enermax Presents 82 Plus Power Supply Units

Power supply units (PSUs) with higher than 80% (80 Plus) efficiency are widely available today and can hardly be considered as a breakthrough. Enermax, a well-know maker of PSUs, computer cases, fans and other devices, at CeBIT introduces two new lineups of PSUs – Modu 82+ (425W, 525W, and 625W) and Pro 82+ (385W, 425W, 525W, 625W) – with higher than 82% efficiency. In addition, the company presented some other impressive products.

Efficiency is a key factor in modern systems. Programs as “80 Plus” are focused on improving the efficiency of a computer’s power consumption. Today’s average desktop PC wastes over half of the power delivered to it, and the wasted electricity unnecessarily increases the cost to power computers as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases. 

Enemax claims that its new PSUs are setting a new benchmarks for the PC PSU industry by being the first to reaching 82-88% efficiency at 20%, 50%, or 100% load in the desktop class.


These new series are also some of the quietest units in the world thanks to two new patented technologies: SpeedGuard and AirGuard. SpeedGuard allows the PSU fan to operate only at 400rpm to 500rpm when the power supplies are under 50% load. It lowers the total noise profile by up to nearly undistinguishable 5dBA in low loads. AirGuard is a mechanical design, which bends the housing around the air-inlet to the fan and it helps to reduce the total noise level by up to 2dBA.

Besides being one of the first that comply with Intel’s ATX12V v2.3 standards, Modu 82+ and Pro 82+ offer the strongest +12V rails in their class, according to the maker. Both series are rated at 40°C with triple +12V rails that can provide up to 25A on each. In addition, the Modu 82+ series comes with 12-pin modular sockets that present endless combinations and possibilities for future CPU and graphic connector needs.

One of the things that attracted our attention at Enermax’s booth was a 4-way ATI CrossFireX system running without any issues using an Enermax Modu 82+ 625W (EMD625AWT) PSU.

Besides, Enermax demonstrated its latest keyboards and computer cases at the show. 

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