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With Laser Precision: Roccat Enters the Scene

Roccat Studios is a new name on the market of gear for gamers and little is known about the company itself. But that is no surprising: the company has three products to offer and none of them is available on the market right now.


What we do know about the Roccat (which seems to be shy to post actual information about itself onto its web-site) from its spokesperson is that the company was founded by people who used to work for different companies which also make devices for gamers. Therefore, the concept “for gamers by gamers” seems to be employed here as well.

At CeBIT 2008 Roccat revealed three of its products due to be available shortly: Kone mouse, Valo keyboard and Semse mousepad. All the products are tailored for speficically for gamers and video games, therefore, office users will hardly find Roccat devices relevant for themselves. But when it comes to gaming, Roccat’s products do impress in one or another way.

Roccat Kone gaming mouse boasts with 3000dpi resolution, 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate combined with ability to store macros inside the mouse itself thanks to built-in 96KB memory as well as 80486-class microprocessor inside (which Roccat calls Turbocore 40MHz).

Roccat Valo keyboard also comes with built-in 2MB memory to store macros, but that is not the only feature of the device. The Valo features integrated audio core, a LED screen as well as backlight for easy use in dark environments. With many additional keys for macros and other needs, this keyboard should suit gamers truly well.


The company promises that its Kone mouse will emerge on the market in April 2008, but makes no comments about the availability timeframes of the Valo keyboard. Pricing of the products was also not announced.

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