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Stall-Free On-Line Gaming

An interesting router was demonstrated in action at the D-Link booth. Their so-called GameFuel gaming router features embedded technologies to automatically identify gaming data packets and to prioritize gaming bandwidth. As a result, we could see that the reaction time got much shorter, alongside with the response time from squeezing the trigger or throwing a grenade, and these things mean life or death in a combat situation.

As a live demo there were two systems were running side by side, and the player on the system with D-Link’s wireless gaming router was definitely winning. I wonder if the “winning” part is also included with the router, maybe something like a magic experience potion? :)

Protect Your Wireless Network

Now that the small home and office networks have become very widely spread, network security turned into a big and important issue that needs to be addressed. D-Link alongside with a few other networking solutions manufacturers came up with a solution that is affordable, easy to use and at the same time efficient home and small office use. The SecureSpot designed by D-Link and BeSecure Company is an all-in-one plug-n-play Internet Security Device that combines network security firewall, intrusion detection, pop-up killer and spyware killer software, content filtering options and anti-virus protection.

According to D-link, this is the first and so far only solution of the kind that provides three-level protection for the small office and home network:

  1. Web Level. It provides integrated setup and administration as well as maintenance of anti-virus, spam, spyware and content filtering databases.
  2. Device Level. On this level it provides network perimeter protection through firewall, content filtering, virus filtering, application control, identity theft and reporting.
  3. PC Level. It provides protection for each individual PC in the network through antivirus and spyware detection and removal, pop-up control and application control.
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