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This Season – Only Super Light Ones

Yes, I am talking about PC cases. These products get new styles and new looks every season. And at CES this year, the leading gaming cases developers demonstrated super-light and extremely user-friendly solutions.

The CoolerMaster’s successful Stacker 830 case was the first one that caught my eye. It is designed from aluminum alloy, however retains extreme robustness with only 2mm thickness of the side panels.

The plastic brackets that cover the empty bays have honeycomb mesh, which ensures more efficient airflow if the brackets are in place. However, if you decide to install a hard drive or an optical drive, the bracket can be removed in no time by just pressing the plastic clips: no more screws!

Also it features a unique slide panel for the fans, which can accommodate from 1 to 4 fans with the diameter from 60mm to 140mm. Besides, it is also equipped with a vertical cross-flow fan that should provide intensive cooling of the most essential system knots.

All the five- and three-inch devices can be easily fastened in the bays with simple sliding plastic locks:

The Stacker 830 case is selling for about $250, however, the PSU is not included with the case. Quite an investment I should say, but it really looks impressive.

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