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Zalman Challenges Internal Water Cooling Systems with a New Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

There was something really exciting I found at the Zalman booth this time. The guys designed a new cooler offering much higher cooling efficiency with minimum airflow resistance. Let me tell you more about this baby, because this is something that will bring traditional air cooling to a totally new level, I assume.


Of course, the primary remarkable thing about the CNPS 9500 cooler is the heatsink design and heatpipe technology used. The heatpipe technology was first introduced in space satellites, because the heat coming from the Sun was so high that there was a desperate need for a quick way of transferring it from the critical satellite knots. This is when heatpipe technology was first out into action. It is not surprising anymore that many space technologies and high-end solutions are now finding their way in our everyday life. New Zalman cooler is just another example. They used innovative patented heatpipe bending construction, which provides the heat transfer capacity of up to six pipes with only three actual pipes involved. Besides the unusual curved shape, the heatpipes have also acquired a few internal peculiarities. The heatpipes are made of pure copper and the internal heatpipe surface has the structure of a porous sponge with powdered copper baked to it. This way there is very little water required inside the heatpipes for efficient heat transfer.

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