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Zalman: Cooling Apart…

The new super cooler was not the only thing Zalman was showing this time. They are still working on the system case design for gamers.


The case you see at the photo above is just a prototype, which may never go into production. It still needs a lot of work. Zalman is planning to design a very light easy-to-carry solution, which will offer wide extendibility options. Besides they are trying to design it as a sturdy but very light structure by using triangular formations with empty space, which will not only make the system lighter, but will also improve ventilation.

Another thing Zalman has been working on lately is the improved model of their Reserator water cooling system. The new solution is called Reserator Plus and it has a few notable enhancements compared with the previous models (you can actually read more about this cooling system in our review called Aesthetic Water Cooling Solutions: Zalman Reserator 1, ZM-WB2 Gold and ZM-GWB1).

The new Reserator Plus model will have the following improvements compared with the predecessor:

  1. Quick coupling. This feature will allow connecting and disconnecting the hose from the system without fearing to cause any coolant leakage. A few drops on the desk is the most trouble you can ever have. Just push the button with your finger and pull the hose. You can clip it back in just the same easy way.

  2. Zalman will be supplying its Plus system with concentrated anti-corrosion coolant. Just dissolve it with water according to the instructions on the bottle and you get yourself enough cooling liquid.

  3. The system will now include an optional North Bridge block and the CPU cooling block will be much smaller.

  4. The VGA cooling block will be redesigned to ensure better cooling efficiency for the GPU.


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