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Motion-Controlling Set to Become Big

Sales of Kinect motion-sensing controllers (and partly Sony Move devices) demonstrated clearly: consumers want motion sensing in general.

While we are not going to get a new application programming interface in 2011 for a natural user interfaces a'la in Minority Report, we are going to get a high amount of devices that are based on sensing of motions.

For example, Mark Karayan of Movea, a company that develops motion-sensing solutions, said that the company and its partners plan to unveil a number of new motion-sensing products at the CES.

"Movea will announce new partnerships with brand-name consumer electronics companies to develop next generation motion-control & motion-sensing peripherals targeting the digital & connected/interactive TV, gaming, & sporting markets," said Mr Karayan.

The company's MotionIC platform is projected to be integrated into air-mice, air-keyboards and various remote control devices enabling in-air operating controls through motion recognition.

"Imagine browsing Netflix on your HDTV from the couch with a wireless mouse that operates in air, but it's also your remote; or - instead of slowly selecting each letter on your HDTV with an arrow key, quickly type on a full keyboard on a remote control, making it easy to type in the name of the movie you'd like to watch on Hulu," said Mark Karayan.

Microsoft is not the only company with 3D and RGB cameras and appropriate software. Moreover, hackers have already managed to make Kinect work on Windows PC platform. As a result, it is inevitable that not only motion sensing controllers will be more popular, but additional motion sensors are likely to emerge.

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