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Nvidia: Heads to... or Set to Change

Nvidia Corp. at present is the only company that remains without a definite x86+GPU platform. This company will have to transform itself dramatically in 2011 to survive.

Nvidia has been selling graphics processors for many years now. The company has been trying to improve them for a long time with the help the the GPGPU technology, e.g. by developing its proprietary CUDA format. But this time the billion-dollar-company-company will have to not only change, but to renovate itself.

AMD and Intel both launch microprocessor with GPU on die, hence, no more core-logic sets with integrated graphics and no more low-end GPUs.

Nvidia will continue to sell GeForce graphics chips for desktops and notebooks. However, it will not be able to address the market of x86-compatible things, e.g., offer x86-based APUs with a GeForce integrated. But the company will be fully able to  address ARM-compatible market and will continue to pursue the GPGPU and supercomputer markets. Eventually, technologies on all of those markets will collide and if Nvidia's product planning is wise, it will be able to complete against x86-based APUs.

What will happen in 2011 exactly? We do not know.

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