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Following some internal roadmap, EPSON announced two new scanners in the Perfection family in early September. These models, Perfection 3490 and 3590, are to continue the traditions of the clan. They are meant for amateur photographers as they can process both transparent and reflective originals of the form-factors amateurs work with usually.

The models differ very little between each other, just as the September 2004 models, EPSON Perfection 2480 and 2580, did. In other words, the 3590 model is additionally equipped with an automatic film feeder, while the 3490 is a somewhat simplified version. The recommended price of the Perfection 3490 and 3590 is $150 and $190, respectively.

We got only one model for our tests, so this review is all about the Perfection 3490. As usual, let’s first read through the model’s specification and then we will discuss its functionality and check it in some tests.


The main advantage of the Perfection 3490 over the older Perfection 2480 is the higher optical resolution, 3200dpi against 2400dpi. The optical density range has remained the same, 3.2Dmax. The exterior case design, the size and weight of the new scanner is the same, too, so we can only talk about minor, “cosmetic” changes here. Thus, the Perfection 3490 has got a different CCD array, but costs $10 more than the older model! The 3490 has very good technical characteristics for its class and its low price is surely going to attract the customer.

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