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Package and Accessories

The package, designed in the EPSON style, contains the following items:

  • EPSON Perfection 3490 PHOTO scanner
  • Power adapter
  • Holder for transparent originals
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Software CD
  • User’s manual


The case of the EPSON Perfection 3490 PHOTO is made of robust plastic with decorative inserts. The connectors are all located on the back panel of the scanner, while the transportation lock that you should unblock before turning the device on, is placed at the bottom.

Major connectors

The Perfection 3490 package includes a special holder that is placed on the glass to scan transparent originals. The slide-adapter’s lamp is located in the scanner’s lid and is normally covered with a removable panel.

Slide-adapter lamp in the lid is covered
with decorative plastic panel

The frame for transparent originals is set
directly onto the flatbed glass top

The scanner is rather simple. Four quick-launch buttons on the face panel are the only controls available. They launch the scan program with the presets for sending the scanned image to the printer, by e-mail or for scanning directly into the PDF format.

Quick Start buttons on the front panel

The scanner driver’s interface hasn’t changed much and, like with any other model of the Perfection series, offers the user three main scan modes: Full Auto Mode, Home Mode, and Professional Mode. The user can choose whatever mode suits him/her better. I also want to single out the exceptionally efficient batch-scan function that allows scanning numerous originals in a single pass. The driver can automatically identify the boundaries of the originals, even if they are scattered on the glass in no particular order.

Dust Removal and Color Restoration are implemented in the driver. These intelligent functions are both activated in the driver’s control panel, and are off by default.

The software Dust Removal technology helps to solve the problem of mechanical defects in the digitized image. Taking but little of system resources or additional scanning time, it can identify and eliminate dust particles in transparent originals. Dust Removal works with all types of film, including black-and-white negative films, which were so popular just a few years ago. The user can enable this technology in the driver when necessary (again, it is off by default).

The Color Restoration technology can improve faded photographs that have lost their original color. The main effect of this technology is in increasing the color temperature of the digitized image. You can actually do almost the same by using a color management system or correcting the colors in some image-processing software. Anyway, I guess this function will be found useful, especially by people who are not versed in digital image processing. Use it carefully, though, as sometimes this technology makes the image colors quite unnatural.

The operation of these software image-enhancing technologies will be illustrated below.

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