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Winding up this review, I’d like to put down a short resume about the reviewed device. The EPSON Perfection 4870 scanner undoubtedly complies with the highest standards of quality. All its parts are easily accessible, including the connectors at the rear panel. The scanner is well-designed in full accordance to the laws of ergonomics and is easy to use. The slide-adapter is compact, but the lid has become too heavy because of the adapter and you cannot open it by a half – the hinges are not stiff enough to support the weight of the adapter. I guess another fastening is required now.

I enjoyed not only the scanner proper and its accompanying software, but also the selection of frames for transparent originals. Well, many users will probably only use the frame for 35mm films. All frames are made of stiff plastic, their locks are caring about the film. They take all the useful space on the scanner bed, thus speeding up the process of scanning a series of materials. You can get into a film-digitizing business with such frames!

My respects also go to the engineering team from EPSON for placing the Power On button on the front panel, next to the Start button. Many scanners have this button at their butt – it is not very easy to access then.

Beyond doubt, the EPSON Perfection 4870 is an excellent scanner that will satisfy a majority of users. It is fast and meticulous about colors at scanning reflecting originals. The quality of scanning transparent originals is on a highest level, too, so I think you’ll hardly tell between the work of the Perfection 4870 and that of a professional slide-scanner, particularly with average and large-format slides. At the same time, the price of the Perfection 4870 is much lower than you’d have to shell out for an average-format slide-scanner. The Digital ICE system is good, too. This technology helps saving much time you used to spend on post-scan retouching.

I hope EPSON will replace the traditional mercury lamp with a zero-warm-up lamp in their next flagship product as this is the only thing you can gripe about here. Anyway, this scanner would win all nominations in my personal contest of contemporary SOHO scanners. The EPSON Perfection 4870 is our choice and the test results confirm that. I guess all other scanners for home and office use now have a new beacon before them: the EPSON Perfection 4870 has raised the bar very high!

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