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The EPSON Perfection 4990 is designed in a new way, dissimilar to the earlier top models. The case is made of rigid silver-color plastic with a few decorative details. One such detail can be found on the scanner’s lid – it is a bar indicator. When a transparent original is being scanned, a blue light is moving along this bar, indicating the movements of the slide-adapter’s carriage. I tried to picture this process at long exposure.

The transparent bar on the scanner’s lid is highlighted
when transparent originals are being scanned

The moving parts of the device – the scanning carriages – are protected with two transportation locks. So, after you’ve taken the scanner out of the package, you must remove these locks. The location of the locks is indicated by stripes of tape the whole case of the scanner is covered with. The first lock is situated at the left panel. It is a big cap with a groove in its top that you can turn around with a coin, for example.

The transportation lock is hidden under the sticker

Use a coin to unlock.
The coin is not included with the scanner :)

The second lock is on the scanner’s lid, protecting the moving carriage of the inbuilt slide-adapter.

The slide-adapter’s carriage is locked, too

You must open the locks immediately before connecting the device to the power grid lest you should damage its mechanics. The numerous stickers remind you about that, so you can hardly forget to perform this procedure.

Power and Scan buttons

There are only two buttons on the scanner’s front panel: Power-On and Scan. And a single LED indicator of the scanner’s status is placed next to them. I personally fully agree with the manufacturer that there shouldn’t be too many unnecessary buttons on the scanner.

Interface connectors

Following its best traditions, the company equipped the Perfection 4990 with two high-speed interfaces USB 2.0 and IEEE1394a (FireWire). You’ll find a USB cable enclosed, while a FireWire one is to be purchased optionally. The availability of two interfaces doesn’t mean you can attach the device to two computers at once. It is not intended for that.

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