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The F-3200 with a holder inserted into the slot

Talking about the EPSON F-3200 Film Scanner, it is impossible to skip over its cute and unusual design. This machine is going to be an eye-catcher on any desk, yet occupying a minimum of space. Well, it actually takes little space only when it is used just as a decoration. For the scanner to work normally it must not stand too close to the wall and the input/output slots must not be blocked up. Beginning a scan operation involves placing the original into a special holder (there are five holders included). Each holder is intended for a particular format of the original:

35mm slides holder (8 frames)

35mm film holder (2 stripes, 12 frames)

Medium-format 120/220 film holder

This holder is for reflective originals, i.e. photographs

2x5” film holder

The holders were designed properly and are very caring about the film. After cautiously inserting the original into the appropriate holder, you load the holder into the intake slot. The scanner’s mechanism will drive it in and then the scanner will wait for more commands from the user. Particularly, you can use your computer and open the scanned image in an image-processing application or save it as a file. You can scan to the memory card, having beforehand inserted one into the scanner’s card-reader. Or you can use the direct-print function and immediately print out the scan. I won’t discuss the latter feature because of its limitations: direct printing is supported with EPSON’s Stylus Photo R800 and Stylus Photo 2100 and is thus only interesting for owners of these printers.

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