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The difference between the accessories to the two scanners lies mainly in the additional frames for transparent originals. The Perfection 2480 comes with a universal frame for 35mm film and slides, while the Perfection 2580 is only accompanied with a slide frame (you load film with the help of the auto-feeder in this model). Thus, the basic accessories to the scanners (without the above-mentioned frames) include the following:


  • Power adapter;
  • Unified Perfection 2480/2580 software bundle;
  • User manual.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Perfection family scanners, from junior to the most advanced models, have always been user-friendly and easy-to-use. As for the two models we’re discussing now, the Perfection 2580 seems to be simpler in exploitation as it is equipped with a film auto-feeder. The Perfection 2480 will take some of your time to insert the film into a special frame.

The auto-feeder is integrated into the lid of the Perfection 2580 model

The auto-feeder can take in up to 6 stills of standard 35mm film

The feeder is located right in the lid of the Perfection 2580 and is accessed by pressing the external protective door. The mechanism to drive the film is designed ingeniously: the user only has to bring the film to the input and the feeder carefully takes it in. The film will fully hide under the scanner’s lid during the scan process. To unload the film, use the Eject button. If there arise any problems, you can use a special wheel to manually roll the film out.

Install an additional frame on the glass of the Perfection 2580 to scan a 35mm slide

Scanning transparent originals with the Perfection 2480 is performed using a special frame. After inserting the film into its appropriate place, the frame is laid on the bed in accordance with the rules around the scanner’s perimeter. Before scanning, remove the white reflective screen to open the backlight lamp.

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