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About Globalfoundries, Continued

Just about three years ago AMD had extremely big plans for capacity improvements and by 2010 the company planned to boost its manufacturing capacities by five times compared to the 2006’s levels. At the same time, Hector Ruiz, chairman and chief executive of AMD, made no secret that AMD’s manufacturing capacities could be used to make chips for partners on a contract basis even four years ago. Perhaps, Globalfoundries was planned even before AMD acquired ATI Technologies back in 2006?

X-bit labs: Can you tell us a little about what preceded the creation of Globalfoundries and asset smart strategy? AMD has rather ambitious expansion plans before it acquired ATI. Maybe it wanted to produce chips under contracts itself?

Tom Sonderman: That’s probably best addressed by AMD.  What I can tell you is that the Asset Smart model was something AMD had been looking at for a significant amount of time.

Fab 1 Modules 1 and 2

X-bit labs: Do you think it is the right time to start a contract semiconductor manufacturer now as the world’s semi industry is suffering a great decline?

Tom Sonderman: We actually see this as an advantage for us as we start up and build out key areas of our business. While the current climate is a challenge it presents advantages as we look to build out our infrastructure, purchase tools (in Dresden and NY) and start construction in NY. It also provides a tremendous opportunity to go recruit some of the best talent in the industry to round out our leadership team.

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