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IDF 2009 kicked off with an introduction by Sean Maloney, Executive VP of Intel Architecture Group, who pointed out that even though it was the 12th year of IDF’s, it was this time that there was a real sense of optimism and innovation here. But it hadn’t always been like that. This year there are over 4000 attendees at the IDF. 400 are from consumer electronic industry, over 600 from software industry, over 500 - from other industries such as energy, healthcare and financial services. Such diversity is part of the way of making computing personal, which is certainly good for everyone.

And why, we are going to find out from the presentation by Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intel Corporation.

Spectrum of Computing and Computing Continuum

The world of computing is expanding to a much bigger space. Over the past several years Intel was developing Intel architecture solutions that increased the opportunities beyond the traditional notion of a PC. They are called the spectrum of computing on Intel architecture.

This spectrum includes a variety of devices, such as internet-connected devices, PC clients and servers. However, building these devices is one thing and making them all work together in a seamless and at the same time familiar fashion so that we could take advantage of them – is a completely different task. It is called building the computing continuum. It should help breaking down barriers and extending the computing beyond the common boundaries.  Over the years Intel and partners have been focusing on speed, size and battery life, which are important, but now bandwidth, user networking, and even tweaks take over most of everyone’s attention as being the primary goals.

So, building computer continuum is Intel’s ultimate goal at this point therefore let’s talk about how they propose to build it. There are three parts to building this continuum:

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]


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