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Building the Computing Continuum

Those are the fundamental technology foundations. But how do we actually build the continuum?

Of course, Paul couldn’t proceed without talking about the PC market.

However, he is certain that it is actually better than what the slide shows. As many of you know this is the time of the worst recession in years. But as we can see, Intel and partners have built something that is indispensable and fundamental day in and day out.

For example, they have recently introduced a new branding scheme including Core i3, i5 and i7. And they intend to stick to it. Not so long ago Intel launched Core i7, then they have recently launched new versions of Core i7 and new Core i5, and early next year the company will announce Core i3. One of the things Intel has been very proud of is working closely with Microsoft on the Windows 7 operating system launch, which they are very excited about it. Paul is certain that they have done first class job here. In particular, Intel was focusing on faster boot up, optimized performance and most importantly for notebook users - much better optimization for battery life preservation.

So, how do we build the continuum in major industry segments? What is being done?


Let’s start with the Enterprise. In many ways with Windows 7 we will see new platforms offer up to three times the performance. Manageability around the environment results in 30% reduction in operating costs. The ability to run legacy XP applications under Windows 7 is another great advantage. But most importantly, the IT managers will be able to offer their users security without compromise. For example, here is an Arrandale dual-core laptop system with Westmere processor inside vs. a three-year old PC:

This setup is running a WinZIP application: it is half way through on Arrandale even before it starts on the old system.


Now let’s move to mainstream. According to statistics 62% of videos online are user generated content and most are under 2 minutes long. We’ve done a lot on optimizing the work of different devices used for creating and sharing content.

Here is an example of a device like that. Another demo showed Arrandale laptop working faster with pictures and video.

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