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This is where the new Intel processor generation called Ivy Bridge comes into the picture. Yesterday we posted an article uncovering some of the details about the new Ivy Bridge family, so please check it out.

Now let’s talk a little more about the user experience and where it is coming from. Intel designs microprocessors, software developers produce applications that use these microprocessors and together they generate user experience. But what do the users really want and expect from their experience with PCs? This is when all those specialists who normally do not work at companies like Intel come in, such as psychologists, for example.

Intel in collaboration with other researchers spent a lot of time talking to people and finding out on the functional as well as emotional side, what their needs and wants were. Here is what they have found:

The left side of the human brain is our practical side, and the right one – the emotional side. So, the next generation computing needs to satisfy both sides of the brain, to make the user absolutely happy. And this is how Intel proposes to do it:

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