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That brings us over to the Ultrabook concept, which combines all these needs and wants in one:

which in their turn can be translated into the following features and aspects of the new revolutionary device:

Speaking about performance, we all know very well that you need a great engine to have a great driving experience. And in many cases, you don’t even know what is under the hood. But with a PC it is important to know what is there. Intel redesigned the CPUs for Ultrabooks in such a way that even in a small form-factor and with low-voltage the performance will still be better than that of a 2-3 year old system.

But there is more to performance than just pure speed. The system’s ability to respond quickly is also part of it. This where Intel decided to extend the potential of their Turbo technology and they came up with the following:

To improve the responsiveness Intel introduced several new technologies:

Intel Rapid Start technology allows to wake up the system from Hibernate state very quickly, while the Smart Connect technology keeps constantly updating your system and synchronizing data even when it is in sleep mode.

Security is one of the top consumer concerns these days. Twelve thousand mobile devices are left in airports each week. And each and every one of them contains personal information and other sensitive data that needs to be protected from unauthorized usage.

Intel works closely with McAfee to ensure that this concern is addressed properly. Therefore, device and data security are a big part of their strategy. They have already come up with an Anti-Theft project for the Ultrabook, which should give peace of mind to consumers, if the device is lost or stolen, as in this case the data is going to be permanently locked or wiped for good.

This solution from McAfee will start shipping in H1 of 2012, but it is already showcased at the IDF.

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