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This is where it brings us to the third aspect of computing:

3. Computing is protected.

Given the nature of the cyber attacks, 2011 may be remembered as a year that Intel got serious about security.

In this environment the only way to get engaging and consistent experience is to make sure that you are well protected. This is when Intel decided to rethink the entire approach to security, because the need for that was obvious.

We were offered a demonstration from McAfee of the technology called DeepSafe.

Traditional approach to security is really a software based approach and the main challenge in this case is that malware embeds itself on the OS level and this is when it is usually too late, because the system already got infected. Using a combination of hardware and software protection programs can monitor and process activity and detect unknown threats. This technology developed in collaboration with McAfee and Intel will be a fundamentally new approach, as it will offer kernel mode rootkit prevention. DeepSafe technology will launch later this year and will offer better protection even to the already shipped processors. It is part of Intel’s vision on how to offer worry-free and protected computing experience.

All this produces the so-called computing opportunity, which includes new devices, new experiences, new opportunities across industries where computing is driving fundamental transformations around the world.

Over the last years Intel has learned a lot of things about smart-phones, and other mobile devices. And as of today Intel intends to make their architecture a platform of choice for smart phone devices. We had the opportunity to see the first Intel-based phone developed in collaboration with Google and their Android.

Now smart-phone device teams have come together to optimize Intel silicon for Android.

Well, computing is undergoing the most remarkable transformation since the invention of a PC. And Intel is going to be not only the primary investor, but also the leading partner and the driving force for the great changes yet to come.

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