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Broadband at Low Cost to Everyone

Sean M. Maloney, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the mobility group at Intel started the Mobility keynote this afternoon with the postulation of the new slogan: broadband at low cost to everyone.

In fact, this is not just a slogan, this is also a major goal. During the previous keynotes, Intel speakers have already mentioned that the mobile market is growing rapidly, and more and more devices go mobile. It is true not only for the notebook field, but also for the portables and handhelds market, which is evolving at enormous pace.

According to some studies, over 1.5 billion people today use mobile phones. And a pretty big number of these people use smart phones or tried to connect to the internet from their mobile phone at least once.

However, if we take a look at the chart above, we will see that practically no one has broadband. Surprising, isn’t it? And this is a global picture. You may think that it represents the emerging markets, which we have already discussed in the previous article today, but in fact it is not. The next slide clearly shows that the broadband is penetrating the US home environment very rapidly, so that it got 5x more popular today than it used to be in 2002.

Right now we can see that broadband is getting more and more important, although ensuring its availability to all the users that need it is a serious challenge. You see now that it not for nothing the slogan quoted above actually exists.

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