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The today’s keynote presentation started with the speech by the legendary Pat Gelsinger, Senior Vice president and General Manager of Intel Digital Enterprise Group, the grandfather and god father of the IDF, as they called him, because this was his 16th time on stage at IDF. Well, it looks like he didn’t feel quite like a grandfather yet, but didn’t comment on the “god father” title. Not a bad thing to be one, eh? :)

As always, Pat started off with great excitement. He said that he just loved IDF, the technology, the people, the passion of the show, the energy we all have here. And by the end of the keynote I think everyone there shared the speaker’s mood, because there were quite a lot of things to be excited about. Last spring Pat Gelsinger introduced the digital enterprise group and Intel’s mission within this rapidly developing segment. You can turn to our Spring IDF coverages to refresh your memory about the aims Intel set for themselves in those days. But I can actually say that the major goals in the enterprise segment remained pretty much the same:

  • Grow business
  • Lower risks
  • Decrease costs and expenses.

Yesterday Paul Otellini described Intel’s strategy and technologies aimed at improving connectivity, by offering more efficient technological solutions, so that Intel and their partners could better satisfy the customer demand and meet the customer needs. Today Pat Gelsinger unleashed what has been done in the remaining three directions.

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