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Seamless Collaboration: VoIP Innovations

One of the biggest challenges for the enterprise segment is working across time and distance. Therefore the goal is to find the optimal way to bridge time and distance for users. Since there is the goal Intel has already suggested a solution. At least one of the solutions: the first technology here – Voice over IP.

Voice technologies are not that new anymore: we have been working with voice and voice processing for quite a while now. But how much better have the voice processing technologies become over the past years? This is exactly what Intel’s VoIP is about. It is not just about doing voice, it is about doing better voice.

Right now Intel VoIP supports a significantly expanded frequency range: from 80Hz to 8,000Hz. Besides they have also established the so-called Business Class Audio, which implies higher quality. Right now Intel is working to make business class audio reality.

And they get a lot of support: there are over 1,100 VoIP providers in the US already. SKYPE alone, for instance, represents over 46% of overall minutes over the globe today.

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