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Information Assistance: Higher Performance with Multi-Core

Corporations are dealing with a lot of data. Business intelligence is becoming more critical so we need to have highly scalable solutions. And all of that requires performance. Multi-core is a better way to improve performance. And this is what Intel will be working on during the next 5 years. They already have 15+ dual-core products on the way and 10+ quad-core projects. So, as you may see, multi-core architecture is going to be a major shift.

One of the critical challenges in making this transition to dual-core, quad-core and beyond is to revise the ways software developers design their products. Intel pays special attention to this and is investing heavily into the development of appropriate software tools, libraries, etc. Among Intel’s customers in software and tool development are such big names as IBM, Oracle, Symantec, and others. Here are the tools that Intel offers:

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