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As for the CPUs, the Bensley platform will support dual-core processors manufactured with 65nm technology, aka Woodcrest and Dempsey. Both of them were demonstrated during the keynote this morning.

Blackford mainboard with 32GB of Micron Fully Buffered memory

Bensley based system on Woodcrest CPU

As for the power optimized DP solutions, Intel will be offering Sossaman processor that should find application in data centers requiring high computing density, low thermal characteristics and power consumption, as most of the currently existing data centers are aging and have fixed amount of cooling, power, and other resources.

Sossaman processor will be available in thermal envelopes of 15W and 30W. During the presentation we could see a demo system with Sossaman in ATCA form-factor. According to Intel, they will also deliver Sossaman in 1U rack mount servers.

One more processor family I would like to mention while speaking about Intel server roadmap is certainly Itanium. These processors offer high performance, excellent reliability and scalability, as well as flexibility of choice. Intel confirmed these highlighted advantages of the Itanium solutions and namely Montecito based ones by comparing their performance and performance per watt against IBM Power processors. According to Intel, these machines are built to never go down in the lifetime and they allow building larger AMP systems, i.e. offer better scalability.

Diagrams are good, but the actual proof of the pudding is in the eating, so it really does matter that 43 of the world’s 100 largest corporations run Itanium 2 processor based servers. Besides, there has appeared unprecedented amount of support on the software side, such as OS’s and applications: since last year, the number of applications for this type of systems has doubled.

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