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Power consumption is another essential issue for contemporary data center. Actually, data centers operate more on a human time scale. If you zoom into the system you will see that changes in the platform power consumption and user requests are happening at a minor grain. Even though a demand is going up and down in just tens of microseconds, the power supply cannot respond fast enough and thus we are losing a lot of power. This may seem just a tiny power loss, because the time considered is less than a tenth of a microsecond, however, if we sum up all the tiny losses like that the total will not be negligible any more:

What of we would like to have a more optimal power use? Something like that, for instance:

How can we do it?

Main components of every mainboard are powered by voltage regulators. It rakes a lot of space and power. What if we removed all the voltage regulators and associative components into the “soon to be obsolete technology” waste basket. This is what will remain from the board:

Look how much space we could save this way on the mainboard PCB!

And here is what Intel suggests to use instead of all those obsolete-to-be voltage regulators and components:

This embedded solution will be only 35x35mm big, will operate at 100MHz frequency, will be 85% efficient and allow switching the voltage level. CPU, chipset and CMOS voltage regulator all-in-one. Intel even demonstrated a prototype mainboard platform for it, which was much smaller than the regular boards, I wish I had managed to take a picture of it, because they rapidly moved it off the stage after that: much be top secret, I assume :).

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