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Do No Harm

As we have already indicated in the beginning of this presentation, another and probably one of the most important aspects of any user aware system is doing no harm to the user . It is not dramatic at this point, but has significant financial importance for network security. Computer viruses cause billions of dollars of damage around the world. The problem is that the viruses propagate so quickly that if you do not respond quickly enough you will lose control over the situation. The diagram below shows how fast the “witty worm” got spread when it hit one of the networks:

The solution at this point represents combined efforts of hardware and software products developed by Intel. This system below is equipped with Intel manageability engine silicon that analyzes the network connections and isolates the infected platforms.

According to Intel, this solution has been already tested in real conditions for about 8,000 hours and hasn’t revealed any false positives so far. In other words, no worms have escaped it :)


Well, we have just seen how greatly the system intelligence develops nowadays. It looks like in another 10 years we will create highly sophisticated user aware systems to help humans control important and complex spheres of our life. However, doesn’t this scenario look familiar to you? Machines get smart and take control over the human race completely. I could mention about a dozen examples when this happened (literature, motion pictures). I know you may say: hey, this is just science fiction crap, do not worry about it. But there were times, when an airplane was considered a wonder, and now we have them all over the place.

Technology breakthroughs are exciting. The power they give to us is huge. But maybe one day we should question ourselves: do we know what we are doing? Just a thought :)

P.S.: More news from the IDF showcase is coming, so stay tuned! :)

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