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Time simply flies by. It seemed that we just got back from Computex not so long ago, and now it is already time for IDF Fall 2005 to kick off. I haven’t heard yet how many press people and overall attendees IDF has this time, but it looks like this number is going to be considerably higher. What makes me think so? Well, they have removed the round lunch tables from half of the press room and filled it all with rows of computer desks and terminals. Of course, I am not complaining, as it is actually good. Last IDF I remember searching for a free cable to hook up my laptop to the Internet for quite a while. This time I haven’t yet had any problem finding a spot in the working area :)

Anyway, let me start reporting the latest and greatest IDF news – hot from the scene.

This time they started the IDF opening keynote presentation in a very exciting way. If you have been following our news from the previous IDF shows, you should remember that a few times they showcased outstanding custom cars stuffed with computer and electronic technologies to the point of no return. This time, Intel is giving away a sparking new MINI Cooper (I hope it is a Supercharge one with a manual transmission), which rose from the clouds of fog and smoke before the startled audience this morning.

More surprised were coming. Looks like Intel moved away from their slogan about computers, communications and convergence. Today they started under a new banner of “Learn, collaborate and innovate”. Well, let’s see what we can learn from Intel this time :)

When it comes to the future there are three kinds of people: those who make it happen, those who want it to happen and those who wonder what has happened. This morning all these people were at the keynote speech presented by Intel President and CEO - Paul Otellini.

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