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Growth Is Back

The biggest and the most important general announcement made this morning was that the growth in computer industry is back. According to Intel, the heart of computer industry is the PC, and the PC market continues to grow.

If you look at the chart above, you will see how greatly and rapidly the shipment volumes have grown since the very first days of the PC industry. It took 18 years to go from 0 to 100 million units a year. And to continue with this positive tendency Intel and partners need to keep investing and innovating, and this is what will make growth happen continuously.

Another remarkable threshold is that this year for the first time the industry crossed 200 million units. This growth is not an accident: it is happening because Intel and their partners continue to invest in products people want to buy. A great example of a product like that is Intel Centrino platform. This platform has proven so successful, that as a result, we see notebooks sales volumes cross over desktop shipment volumes in Japan at first and then in Europe. And now it looks like US retail channel is also showing the same tendency.

Why so? The driver was that Intel gave them what they wanted: battery life; small, thin and light form-factors, mobility and computing on the go, which became possible due to active implementation of Wi-Fi technologies. Intel has actually created a new industry together with its numerous partners - a so-called new normal, something that people expect to become common in their every day life.

Nowadays a fundamental shift in the way computers are designed and used has been made. In particular, now we live in the era of usage-oriented computing aimed at specific needs and tasks that people want done. In this respect Intel underwent the biggest strategy reorganization in company history: according to Paul Otellini, Intel reorganized themselves around platforms, taking platform concept as the basis for strategy formation. One thing remained common though: understanding what the users need.

As you can see from the presentation screenshot above, all these core groups are built around Intel architecture.

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