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Emerging Markets – the Markets of Tomorrow

Within Intel there was formed a new department called Channel Products Group (CPG) that is responsible for defining the needs of customers in emerging markets in the rapidly developing countries, such as Latin America, India, etc. Intel sees these markets as the engine of the economies of tomorrow. And since they are perceived as the markets of tomorrow, they will hardly be satisfied with the today’s technologies. Therefore, to begin with they opened platform design centers in a few cities of the emerging markets in the countries mentioned above.

Bill Su, runs channel platform groups for Intel. During the keynote he introduced to us a concept of a community PC that would be adjusted and designed to stand hard working conditions.

Systems like that may be used in rural and other areas to access government info, business info, to assist during remote medical exam or just for communication purposes. Intel admits that there are some very unusual challenges here that get resolved in a pretty unusual way, too. For example, they use car battery to power the PC for hours in case of power outages. They equip it with removable dust filter that protects the inside of the system from dust and bugs that could get through the vent holes, especially in rural areas. And in case the system gets compromised, there is an easy one-button recovery process.

This was the computing side of the solution, but connectivity is also very important. WiMax is the technology here. Two thirds of planned carrier trials occur in the emerging markets.

All in all, it looks like once Intel equips all the far-away regions with their community PCs and other initiatives, we might be getting more readers joining us at X-bit labs. Well, welcome! :)

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