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Intel: Leap Ahead

Today’s IDF morning started with an opening keynote by Paul Otellini devoted to the latest and greatest news from Intel and partners. We had our expectations, of course, but as usual we got mostly teased with all the cool stuff.

Anyway, I will try to highlight the most interesting things that were revealed this morning.

The situation in the industry and in the entire world is such that now more than ever we need the power to come from new silicon. The society got to the point when performance matters again. What has changed? New computers are different. PC games are approaching movie quality, the modern day requirements have changed. Photo editing, video editing, latest OS’s, like Windows Vista and OS X drive the need for more computing power.

Take for instance high-definition video. According to research it is picking up really rapidly. Take a look:

However, besides consuming more core capability, the devices are also becoming more mobile. The overall tendency in the notebook market remains the same and streams towards longer battery life, smaller size and sleeker form-factor. If you have been following the news from the last couple of IDFs, then you remember that we talked multiple times about increasing performance and driving power consumption down for the notebook segment. Then we introduced Core Duo – the first dual-core for mobiles. Core 2 Duo announced this July was another step forward towards more efficient performance:

The efficiency of Intel solutions for the notebook market (as well as for desktops) didn’t remain unnoticed by such giants of the industry as Apple.

Phil Shiller from Apple proudly announced that they had completed the transition of the entire product line to Intel Pentium microprocessors. Just to refresh your memory: in February Apple announced the first notebook on Intel platform. In March they launched a small form-factor desktop aka Mac Mini with an Intel Core Duo inside. Then they announced an entire new Macbook product line. In August they announced Mac Pro professional workstation that was based on two Xeon dual-core chips that turned out the fastest Mac Apple ever made. He wound up this list with Mac OS X software that should help deliver all the advantages of the new platform to the customers.

The transition to Intel platform was completed less than a month ago. And the major reason for such enthusiasm is the great success and potential of the platform.

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