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80-Core Super Computers to Come in 5 Years

The technology advancements will also result into significant breakthroughs in the server segment, too. ASCI Red supercomputer was the worlds fastest in 1996 it was a teraflop super-machine that took up the entire room. But what can be better than a super computer in a room? A super computer on a desk!

Today we were given a chance to see the first prototype wafer they will be using for production of 80-core processors.

Each CPU like that will have 80 simple floating-point dies and each die is capable of teraflop performance and can transfer terabytes of data per second. They claim that it will be commercially available in a 5-year window and will be ideal for such tasks as real-time speech translation or massive search, for instance.

Another important milestone in the today’s advancement of microprocessor industry is the energy efficient performance. In June Intel started shipping Xeon 5200 dual-core processor. It also had a tremendous momentum. By now they have already shipped 1 million products and have every reason to call it the today’s fastest growing server chip. In November Intel will launch quad-core Xeon:

It will be the first quad-core solution for the high-volume server market segments. In next year they will also release a lower voltage version:

It will deliver over 50% improvement in performance in the same power envelope.

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