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Digital Home

In the Digital Home environment there has also been a tremendous amount of changes. The biggest one is closely connected with the explosion of home page video. It stimulates the arrival of a totally a new class of devices. For example, this solution from Toshiba:

It is a 2nd generation of Toshiba’s HD DVD players that will be available within sub-$500 price range. It will feature Intel architecture inside and will be shipping in October 2006.

Now another member of the Digital Home concept - the Media PC. It has also evolved quite a bit and so did VIIV technology. Since January when Intel launched this technology, they have done two big things: first they launched Core 2 Duo and developed new software that allows easy access to the VIIV system via the lining-room TV with the help of the digital media adapters (DMA). These devices will be available for around $250 from such makers as:

Wouldn’t it be great if the set top box could also act as a DMA? Of course, here is the solution:

Direct TV + HD DVR can take content from the VIIV PC or internet and display it on the same set top box it is connected to. Direct TV expects to sell millions of devices like that next year. They are also developing an add-in tuner card for additional access based content to be viewed on the VIIV PC. It will turn the PC or notebook into an additional receiver.

But all this is meaningless without content. Right now there are over 150 verified services.

Here are some numbers for you. There are over 60 million fantasy football players in the world today involved with Yahoo Sports. AOL features the world’s largest library of online movies. Later this week NBC will launch new service for free download of several shows. Lastly ClickStar, that will have the world’s first online movie release two weeks after the official Hollywood release (it will be “10 items or less” with Morgan Freeman).

So, content is changing dramatically, but the desktop is not evolving hardly as rapidly. So in order to accelerate the creative process Intel today announced the Core 2 challenge in order to find the sleekest and smallest device design for the Digital Home environment:

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