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The largest benefit for the energy efficient performance is in the devices we carry a round. Notebooks are now accelerating. There are more consumer notebooks sold everywhere than consumer desktops.  Centrino was an inflection point in driving notebook growth. Next year Intel will release Santa Rosa – next generation Centrino platform. It will use Core 2 Duo microprocessor, faster wireless, NAND flash memory, new manageability and security features for the enterprise and new generation integrated graphics.

Frequently accessed data will be stored on the NAND flash rather than HDD, so less battery resources will be spent and it will take half as much time for the system to resume from hibernate and load applications.

On the wireless front 802.11n is the next generation wireless standard. It is about 5 times faster than the today’s standard:

The next inflection point for mobility is what Intel calls “broadband to go”. It means we have personal portable broadband internet. To implement this into life we need pervasive wireless broadband and new class of portable computers to carry. The first one is clearly WiMAX:

Mobile WiMAX will first be available as add-in cards later this year and throughout 2007. In 08 it will be integrated into a single module and will be part of Centrino platform.

As for the new class of devices, they will be ultra-small and ultra-portable. And Intel is accelerating their plans here also. Next year they intend to ship one that has one half the power and takes one fourth the surface space than the current solutions. In 2008 Intel will meet their initially set decade goal. And they will most probably move beyond that by the end of the decade. All these devices will offer full web capability and will run full versions of Windows Vista.

This portable solution features the lowest power consuming processor built by Quanta, built-in camera, built-in keyboard, WiFi and WiMAX. It can play videos, perform real-time search and features GPS functions, i.e. boasts full rich power of the PC and full wireless capability. As a demo they showed a VW vehicle with the device like that integrated. Very neat toy, although I liked the Chrysler from back in the days much more :) (for details see Intel Developer Forum Spring 2005: Day 1 Coverage).

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