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Being Wirelessly Connected Matters

90% of notebooks today come equipped with WiFi. All Santa Rosa platforms on display that we have already mentioned above are running streaming videos on 802.11n wireless mode.

WiFi is widespread. There are computers in home, office, cafes, campuses, hotels, convention centers, etc. But it is not sufficient. We need broadband coverage. 802.11 standard provides high data throughput. And we were offered a very vivid demonstration of the advantages of WiMAX and ultimate personalization of wireless internet: a guided electric smart cart with embedded Santa Rosa laptop, a scooter with music and video playback showing some virtual tourism, a golf cart enabled with Santa Rosa functionality. Pretty funky means of transportation :)


Cellular technology was a breakthrough in its days, but it was designed and optimized around voice, while WiMAX is designed and optimized around data. It fundamentally changes the communications landscape.

Intel is committed to take WiMAX beyond the goal of 150 million population covered in North America. Intel and KDDI in Japan joined the WiMAX initiative adding to the WiMAX community.

One of the most interesting things about Montevina is that they will have Echo Peak WiMAX solution that will launch in Montevina next year.

Three years ago Intel challenged their designer team to go make a significant reduction in power compared with the best platform at the time that was Centrino. They came up with a wonderful small technology that can run way below 1W. It was designed with MID (mobile internet device) in mind, but it will obviously find application beyond the original thought:

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