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Always On, Always Connected

As I have already mentioned before, it is important to stay always on, always connected. This is why we need broadband connectivity. At the presentation Intel showcased the first device in the world to run WiMAX on Linux (device from Compal):

Bringing products like this into market requires partnerships. 6 months ago Intel announced Mobile Innovation Alliance:

And here are some of these devices life:

Intel claims they will start shipping silicon for these solutions in 2008, the partners are also getting ready for the market. So, we should see these platforms next year. But there is more to come.


Moorestown is coming after:

Intel will take the power even farther down, and the idle power will drop down by factor of 10, which will dramatically improve battery life by 2009/2010.

This is the kind of device Moorestown will go in: thin, slim, all screen, it will unleash the internet and make innovation possible.

Full internet in your pocket is not possible today but is a big transformation and one of Intel’s primary goals for further.


We have talked about the barriers that have already been broken, but there are even more emerging barriers to be taken into account these days. One of them is affordability barrier. Intel talked a lot about digital devices, miniscule amount of students around the globe who do not have PCs at school and about their desire to fix it with solutions like those discussed yesterday. Notebook is a great solution for application fields like that: great battery life, small size, low power, etc.

Another barrier for internet on the go is architectural consistency: if all software developed for PC will run on mobile devices the problem of architectural consistency will be solved, as currently most web-sites are not optimized for mobile environment and hence drive poor user experience.

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