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Sean Maloney, Intel Corporation Executive Vice President, started off saying that the way Internet changes – changes our lives and the way we work. The amount of data we request and receive is tremendous. Massive amount of new content is constantly being created. And personalized content is getting a bigger part of it. People put up their own clips and videos, pictures and stories. As a result, an enormous growth of internet traffic can be observed. But not only the amount of online content is growing, but so is the level of personalization of this content. People personalize their news streams, archives, etc. as a result, we now have such widely spread types of personalized data as RSS, tagging, AJAX, and mashups.

Take, for instance, the data base of American domestic flights mashed up with the well-known Google Earth database. These are open databases, so as a result, you can track out all delayed flights, and in some situations you may know more than a person behind the counter in the airport.

Personalization has always driven our industry. So it looks like now we are at the liftoff point for personal internet:

However, there is still a long way to go in terms of growing the opportunities for us and overcoming technical challenges.

The first problem preventing the personal internet from taking off is the fact that despite all the technological advancements and user education not so many people yet have broadband.

The second issue is the fact that internet isn’t yet mobile and personal internet has to be very mobile. So, taking into account the current state of things Intel has postulated three initiatives for the internet to go truly personal. Let’s discuss each of these initiatives in a bit more detail.

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