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Personal Small Screen: Phones and UMPCs

The number one product here that has already started sampling is Monahans platform. It has been enhanced with some very advanced technologies which will give it the ability to sustain the improvement in performance and power consumption efficiency.

Although smart phone devices become more and more popular they have a challenge to deliver crisp experience throughout their entire life cycle. Internet is always under construction on both: hardware and software levels. So, with a PC system, there is no challenge really, as we can constantly download latest virus fixes, codec updates, scripts and extensions for Internet Explorer the moment we get online. Software is being refreshed on a daily basis and the PC has the advantage of being able to adapt to the new software without any hustle.

But what about static devices? These guys cannot be up-to-date. But they have one very significant advantage: they are small and portable. The problem with a PC is that it is too large to carry around. So, the challenge is to shrink the size of a PC to acceptable portable dimensions, but retain the real-time update capability.

Intel demonstrated a device like that:

This is the next step in PC mobility and the devices like small screen smart phones and ultra mobile PCs will be available from a number of companies in a relatively short period of time.

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