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Intel Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology

In his yesterday’s presentation Gavin Stanley, Intel Thermal Mechanical Engineer, talked about some interesting cooling technology that they were developing within the company. In their intention to meet the needs of extreme users they realized that it is not enough to simply offer a high-speed processor. They also need to make sure that the users can really enjoy the potential of the product and that it is reliable enough.

The reliable and stable performance in extreme user environment can only be obtained with proper cooling, which is easy to mount, inexpensive and reliable throughout the entire service time. This is what Intel advanced liquid cooling solution can provide the users. To ensure reliability of operation each product uniquely and individually tested.

This cooling solution uses integrated and modular pump and cold plate approach. Let’s take a closer look at it.

As we all know, there are 4 major components in a traditional liquid cooling system:

In Intel’s case the separate components and associated tubing have been removed thus allowing to eliminate transitional and frictional losses in the system. The pump is literally wrapped around the outside of the circular cold plate. DC brushless motor is integrated into the pump directly.

This approach also has some cost advantages: basically there is one unit that fulfills the heat transfer and fluid movement functions at the same time.

Here Intel specifically stressed that although you may get this impression at first, they were not after and not seeking exotic technologies and industry solution. From the implementation standpoint the hydrodynamic bearing technology allows to reduce cost.

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