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Core Due was developed to serve primarily the mobile platform. Now it is finding its way into other platforms as well. Among those are for example such platforms as blade servers. And at this stage we understand that the tradeoff concept that we have just mentioned is in fact more complex:

There is the third corner to the triangle: the capability. In other words, we do not only have to strive for high performance and high energy efficiency, but we also need to make sure that the capabilities of the solution are there.

Intel Core Micro-architecture is a combination of energy, performance and capabilities (such as 64bit support, virtualization, etc.) that deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of platforms, including servers and desktops.

What are the solutions developed within Intel Core Micro-architecture concept. Here we are talking about high volume 65nm process that promises to deliver 20% higher transistor performance and 30% lower switching power:

Intel intends to continue financial investments into this promising project to bring more fabs online very soon. But increasing the production volumes is not all. They will also continue working on the process itself and will switch to 45nm in 2007.

This reincarnation of the finer production technology will allow building larger caches, will reduce the die size of the CPU cores, and of course will allow embedding more cores into a single physical die.

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