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What if?

What if we recognized the needs of the end users? This was the question that opened up the speech of Bill Siu, Vice President and General Manager of the Desktop Platform Group. Of course, by understanding the users’ needs Intel will be able to produce better products and better services. Here the speaker separated two different discussions:

  1. Vision of digital home. Tremendous progress has been made since the first time Intel came to speak about the Digital home the way we speak about it now (as you remember they first stressed their interest in this concept 2 years ago).
  2. Vision of the digital office.

Digital Office

The outline about the opportunities offered by the Digital Office implies that with the adoption of the internet we all became so dependent on the business opportunities offered by internet that it turned out possible to single out 4 major categories of concern today in the Digital Office concept.

Let me specify what is implied by each of the four.

Manageability and security is about cost of doing business. Manageability is expensive. In addition to the dollars imagine the number of people behind each business. As far as security is concerned, the breaches are rising. Malicious attacks on all sorts of businesses have now become not just inconvenience. This is a prerogative we must cease.

Dispersion of teams implies that teams should be tackling different tasks, the global infrastructure. Namely we are talking about the geographical dispersion on the global level that is not within a single country, but within the entire world.

Growth of data has also become a very important milestone nowadays. The abilities of collecting data improved significantly and the amounts of data we collect and process are growing exponentially.  However despite the fact that we accumulate a lot of data, we want it to facilitate the decision making, instead of vice versa.

Mobility enables us to be more productive and allows to substantially increase our business capabilities.

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