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High-Definition to Drive Demand for Higher-Performance Systems

In fact, there are two parts of the story with high-definition displays and Blu-ray. Some consumers will get Blu-ray drives because they buy high-end systems. But there are some people, who will get high-performance computers because of high-definition videos, large screens and Blu-ray.

Large high-resolution screens capable of displaying high-quality movies will also be used for video games. Considering the fact that not a lot of gamers like to set non-native resolutions on their LCD screens, it is highly likely that they will buy higher-performance graphics cards capable of running their favourite games in 1920x1200 resolution as entry-level graphics cards are merely capable of running modern video-games in 1280x1024 resolution. Moreover, large displays are likely to spur demand towards higher-performance personal computers in general since fast graphics card requires proper microprocessor.

According to a market observer, there are consumers who connect their 52” screens to PCs and who naturally need very high performance to really enjoy the experience.

“There is a growing audience of PC gamers with their [Blu-ray enabled] systems hooked up to 52” HD television sets. As prices continue to drop on LCD televisions, those numbers will explode,” said David Cummings, director of product marketing for discrete desktop graphics at graphics products group of AMD in a recent interview

In fact, we are pretty much confident in demand for standalone graphics cards even amid economic crisis: 1920x1200 resolution seems to be on track to become the next 1280x1024 and everyone will need a proper graphics adapter to actually use this resolution.

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