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Energy Efficiency May Become Significant Feature of Desktop PCs

Energy efficiency becomes very important these days now that computers have become an integral part of daily routine of virtually the whole planet. While energy efficiency has been hardly important on desktops so far, in 2009 consumers may actually become interested in “green systems”.

There are a number of reasons for the growing attraction of energy-efficient personal computers: such systems are usually much smaller and much quieter compared to mainstream desktops. Moreover, smaller devices are usually more stylish and, as we determined above, end-users like visually attractive personal computers.

If one personal computer or TV-set does not consume a lot of energy in general and the replacement of every single one with less power-hungry devices will not result into considerable savings, but if to replace all home electronics with energy-efficient products, savings may become very significant.

Increasing popularity of energy-efficient systems will call for hardware manufacturers to reconsider their design priorities for new products. Both Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp. may offer broader lineup of microprocessors with below-65W power consumption and also introduce new power-saving techniques to desktop chips and boast with ultra-efficient products.

Graphics chips designers ATI, graphics products group of AMD, and Nvidia Corp. are also likely to put more emphasis on low-power GPUs that still deliver decent performance. In fact, hybrid multi-GPU technologies have potential to combine high-performance discrete graphics card and built-in graphics core bringing energy efficiency of the IGP and power of the GPU into a single box.

PC manufacturers are likely to start advertising power consumption of their systems as well in order to attract clients and consequently there will be machines with “green” CPUs, GPUs, hard disk drives and other components.

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