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Windows 7: Hello to Touch Interfaces, Mainstream 64-bit and Good Bye, Windows XP

For a number of reasons Microsoft Windows Vista operating system (OS) has not become a true substitute for Windows XP. Perhaps, it is all about conservatism of end-users or maybe system requirements were too high. But it’s evident: the pace of adoption of Windows Vista is not enough to make this OS truly popular. Microsoft hopes that Windows 7 will finally bury the XP. We also think so.

Example of Windows 7 touch-interface.
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In fact, Windows 7 will be much more than just another OS from Microsoft as we would expect it to drive numerous innovations down to the mainstream computer market. Here are just a few of them:

  • 64-bit x86 microprocessors have been available for over five years now, but 64-bit operating systems have not become widespread simply because of the fact that 4GB of system memory (32-bit OS cannot address more than about 3.2GB of memory) was sufficient for most PCs and potential incompatibility with certain hardware and software worried end-users. By the time Windows 7 hits the market in mid-2009, 4GB of memory will become very affordable and PC makers will install them by default into popular machines, which will require 64-bit OS.
  • Touch-screen interfaces is nothing new: they are used in personal digital assistants, points of sales, smartphones and in tablet PCs. Nevertheless, they have never become truly mainstream. Windows 7 version that is developed especially for ultra low-cost personal computers (ULCPCs), which are gaining popularity these days, will boost adoption of the technology. Moreover, some elements of touch-sensitive-based PC management are likely to sneak into mainstream desktops too (even though it is hardly comfortable to manage personal computer with a 30” display using a touch-sensitive interface).
  • In fact, apart from touch-screen interface, Windows 7 will have much more easy-to-use graphics using interface (GUI).
  • For the first time almost ever there will be different versions of Windows 7 aimed at PCs with different performance: from netbooks to office machines to high-end video gaming systems.
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